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Dear Me Day 198

Dear Me Day 198

Day 198/365. July 4th, 2011.

Last night I was doing some reading. There was an article written about the presence of body-positive blogs on the internet. Essentially the supposition is that these blogs can be as damaging as "pro-ana" (pro-anorexia for those not in the know), because they presumably promote an unhealthy lifestyle. Which, quite frankly (as anyone who has actually READ these blogs knows) is bullshit.

I spent my day today in the pool. My fat body in a swimsuit, comfortable and happy and at ease with myself. That's a way of life that's starting to be my status quo: being at ease with myself. And the article made me angry-- because some of these body-positive blogs should have some of the credit for my current body-positivity. In the wee hours of the morning, I wrote a response to the article, my take on the matter. Because my point is, and the point of these blogs is that EVERY body is beautiful. No matter what size, or shape, or condition. BEAUTY does not equal health.

The blog they specifically mentioned in the article is called "Stop Hating Your Body," and my response is below.

"You want to know what’s wrong with an article that (albeit politely) breaks down one source of positive self-esteem, of body-positivity, of body-acceptance, of self-love in a sea of body-hate and self-hate and general hate? What’s wrong is that the article misses the point. It assumes that to be body-positive, you must be touting Good. Health. As defined by… well, whoever the hell gets to define it I suppose.

And that’s where the problem begins. The article in question essentially takes the stand that Body-Positive blogs can be harmful because what they really seem to promote is unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits. What it says is essentially that a body-positive blog like Stop Hating Your Body can be just as harmful as a Pro-Ana website… but to the opposite side of the spectrum. I should take a moment to say that the article’s author herself is not condemning body-positive blogs, her sources are concerns from the medical community that body-positive blogs may in fact be causing the polar problem of pro-ana blogs.

One of the points the article makes (particularly as quoted by another blogger) is that perhaps only “healthy” measurements should be published in these blogs. Here’s where the real issue begins to get a little bit dicey. The measurement in question specifically is the BMI which, if you haven’t been keeping track— was recently admitted by parts of the medical community to actually be… bullshit. Sorry. BMI does not take into account fat versus muscle. It doesn’t distinguish between men and women. And as it turns out, there’s a little paradox involved in the BMI that shows medically that being at the “overweight” level of the BMI index can actually be beneficial to your health. But I’m not here to talk about health to be honest— that’s not really where this is going.

And because I know I’m going to get a lot of hate from this rant.. .Yes. I am fat. I’m obese and I don’t need a BMI, Doctor, or random anonymous stranger to tell me that. Why? Because I’m not an idiot. I also know that I am not in the most fantastic physical health. Got it. I also know that my health level isn’t really any of your business. You don’t pay my medical bills, so unless you’re a friend or relation who actually LOVES me and wants my life to be long and healthy— you really have no right to make commentary on my level of health. Why do I say all of that? Because I want you to know that I am not using this rant to excuse, negate, or justify my being overweight. Because this rant is not ABOUT health. This rant is not about HEALTH-focused Blogs. This rant is not about HEALTHY habits, choices, food plans, or anything else. This rant is about misunderstanding Body-positivity and the idea of Beauty that we seem so willing to toss about as a term of exclusivity.

The point of blogs like Stop Hating Your Body, Curve Appeal, Big and Better and other truly body-positive blogs is not to tout healthy living. It’s not about health. It doesn’t need to be about health. Why? Because there are like 500,001 places on the internet that deal with health and weight loss and body-positivity is not limited within the strictures of healthy bodies. The point of these blogs is not about health— it’s about beauty. It’s about every woman (and man’s) fundamental right to feel beautiful and worthwhile and accepted and valued— even if the only one who does— is you, yourself.

I mentioned in my comment that we are bombarded by thousands, if not millions of sources, images, magazines, ads, tv shows, websites, forums, blogs, comments that tell us that we have to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. And that way apparently does not include anyone who doesn’t look like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. A commenter was kind enough to point

Psycho Birdy - Midian City

Psycho Birdy - Midian City

[0:10] Pepper Finchy screeches at Fluffy

[0:11] Fluffy Snoodle turns her head slowly to the screech and puts her hand on her gun, "State your business." She'd say though her mask, the noise metallic and eerie. Sticking out from other noises of the swamp.

[0:13] Pepper Finchy blinks for a minute… then squwaks again. "Busy-ness? State YOUR busy-ness!" She flaps at Fluffy defensively and cocks her head, wondering if she could take on the female.

[0:14] Fluffy Snoodle nods slowly to her, her facial features never changing, "My business in the swamp is looking for different herbs." Is all she'd say, her icy hues focusing on the bird hybrid.

[0:16] Pepper Finchy digs into some of the mud with her feet. She didn't look well armored… and the feathered girl was bored. "Herbs? I have herbs. Come closer, I show you."

[0:19] Fluffy Snoodle looks to her and states simply, "No." She loosened the grip of her gun and took ahold of her dagger. Glowing blue because of what it injects into a persons system. Fluffy stared the bird down and shook her head.

[0:20] Pepper Finchy flaps her wings, shaking water particles off. "Suit yourself, suit yourself!" She paces around the woman, head tilted. "Little puppy by herself, herself. What you do here without other little puppies?"

[0:24] Fluffy Snoodle just stares straight ahead and shrugs, "This-" She'd say with more force, as soon as the girl was infront of her she'd throw her fist out full force towards her feathery friends shoulder. Using whatever extra strength she got as a failed expieriment from Ashagi. (Fluff can lift a full grown man, but she'd struggle some )) "Your words don't scare me bird, and if I were you, I'd choose someone alittle easier to fight next time."

[0:27] Pepper Finchy jumps backwards…but not enough to avoid getting slammed in the shoulder. She shrieks as loud as a chainsaw and flexes out her arms angrily. "Stupid dog! Stupid stupid dog!" She jump kicks, sending her powerful talons towards Fluffy's face.

[0:29] Fluffy Snoodle jumps back and unsheathes the dagger on her side, pressing the red button so it would be coated in, blue glowing ooze, which would slow movements and possibly freeze for as little as 4 minutes. She slashed at the birds legs, only to forget to block her face and some pretty gashes down her cheeks.

[0:34] Pepper Finchy screetches as she feels the blad slice her leg. It wasn't a deep cut, but it was the indignity of it all. She kicks at Fluffy's leg, as if trying to even the score… when she starts feeling funny. She splays out her feathers and makes a crackling sound with her voice. 'What… cheat… cheating…"

[0:38] Fluffy Snoodle's knee buckles with that hit as she backs off some, keeping the glowing dagger in hand, "Are you done? Or are you going to wait to attack me again." Her laugh, even begind the mask was quiet, sounds of metal screeching through as well though, covering up the quiet laughs for the most part.

[0:41] Pepper Finchy screams at Fluffy, while in a semi-catatonic state. "Run away little coward! Go get your hhhheerbs and daisies if you're too spinless to fight!"

[0:44] Fluffy Snoodle goes to push the bird over backwards and if she succeeds she'd press her boot down on her chest, keeping her down if she had to, "I have no reason to fight you, let alone kill you." Her tail flicked behind her, "Mindless violence isn't my favorite thing, -and- I am a healer. I am not a fighter." As surprising at the seemed.

[0:48] Pepper Finchy makes a grinding noise, wheezing another screech at the foot. "Hhhheeealer, hhheealer?! You started it, hhhealer!" The girl squwaks again petulantly, ooooh the dishonor of being stepped on.

[0:50] Fluffy Snoodle laughs, "If I didn't you would have." Fluffy shook her head and after pressing down somewhat roughly on the poor girl she'd step back, her tail now hanging limply behind her. Her shoe stuck to the girls shirt on account of delicious mud, "I owe you a new shirt."

[0:52] Pepper Finchy doesn't really care that much about fashion… if it kept the bugs off her it was okayed…if it smelled bad, dip it in water and put it back on. She starts getting up, the poison wearing off. "Stupid mutt, pesky little bone chewer." She grins slightly, admiring the woman for standing up for herself.

[0:54] Fluffy Snoodle stares at the bird and shrugs, "And what do you do? Eat maggots, ants...?" Her eyes glassed over creating a more icy effect, "And to make this better, I'm a cat."

[0:58] Pepper Finchy makes a face. "Maggots? Ants? That's babyfood." She looks at Fluffy, scrutinizing her ears. "Cat, kitty cat went up to bat, and couldn't hit the ball… she struck out twice, and did a bunt, but tripped on tail and fall."

[1:01] Fluffy Snoodle laughs, "So you do

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